The Illinois Department of Transportation has chosen a preferred alternative for the proposed Circle Interchange project, a restructuring of the interchange connecting the Dan Ryan, Eisenhower and Kennedy expressways.

Engineers picked the route designated Alternative A-71C, which will feature the following aspects:

• A two-lane flyover ramp from the northbound Dan Ryan to the westbound Eisenhower. The ramp would start near Taylor Street and elevate over Halsted Street, dropping to connect with the Eisenhower.

• Additional through lanes to relieve an existing bottleneck. Currently, there are five lanes to the north and south but only three through lanes in the Circle Interchange section. This would allow for four lanes.

• A bypass ramp north of the Circle Interchange would involve a flyover at Harrison Street linking southbound Kennedy drivers with the University of Illinois at Chicago neighborhood. This would eliminate smaller slip ramps where drivers are weaving in and out of traffic.

• A bypass ramp for drivers headed north on the Dan Ryan destined for downtown Chicago. Located just south of the Circle Interchange, it would allow vehicles to exit onto city streets with less interference with through traffic.

It is unclear how much land will be needed for this project, but Sever Storey will likely be holding a seminar in the coming months for any potentially affected landowners.

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