The long awaited, much discussed “MIllburn Bypass” in Lindenhurst, Ill., will take a considerable step toward realization this March when officials from IDOT host a public meeting to showcase the planned alternative for Rte. 45 from Grand Ave to Rte. 173.

Part of the project area is the Millburn bypass, taking Route 45 west to bypass the Millburn Historic District. The route aligns Grass Lake and Millburn roads. The bypass cuts off the eastern border of the McDonald Woods Forest Preserve, continues north through Forest Trail subdivision, runs along the east border of Heritage Trails Subdivision to rejoin Route 45 by Millburn West School.

The hearing, sponsored by Illinois Department of Transportation and Lake County Department of Transportation, will present the results of an environmental impact study of the area, planned improvements for the selected west Millburn bypass alternative and likely future improvements to. Route 45 north and south of the bypass.

Not everyone is happy about the project, but there doesn’t appear like much can be done.

“There doesn’t seem that there is much more we can do to stop the bypass project,” said Lindenhurst Mayor Susan Lahr. “If we can’t stop it, the best we can do is to work with what is being planned. We want this to have as little negative impact as possible on our residents. I urge residents to attend and give their input into this project.”

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