How Does Eminent Domain Devalue Farmland?

How Does Eminent Domain Devalue Farmland | eminent domain lawyerWhen most people think of eminent domain, they likely think of cities claiming residential or commercial properties to build highways or shopping centers or simply to address urban blight. However, eminent domain actions occur in rural areas as well, since the government wants to continually increase the residential, commercial, or industrial opportunities in these areas. Unfortunately, farmers who depend on their land for their livelihoods own much of the land in rural areas. If they lose their land, they lose much more than simply a home or a commercial building. Instead, they lose years of hard work building up their operations that they likely cannot recreate in another location.

The government rarely makes an offer of compensation to a farmer that is even remotely close to the true value the landowner deserves in exchange for the land. Any farm owner facing a condemnation action should hire qualified legal representation by an eminent domain attorney with specific knowledge in the appraisal of farmlands. Appraising these lands can present different challenges than appraising a home or office building, so you need the assistance of a reliable condemnation attorney right away.

Even Partial Takings Can Cost You

Farmers tend to own acres and acres of land on which they may have several different fields or crops, pastures, orchards, cattle operations, stables, barns, or chicken coops, among many other things that bring in income. When the government wants to claim farmland, it often only takes a portion of the farmer’s land, such as to expand or build a new road. The government will likely make a low offer because the farmer is still retaining a large part of the land. However, even partial takings of farmland can dearly cost a landowner for several reasons, including:

  • Loss of planting room
  • Destruction of drain-tile systems
  • Ruined terracing
  • Separating the land from the farm buildings
  • Separating fields
  • Cutting of crop rows
  • Adding new corners to fields
  • Separating feeding facilities from pastures

These are only some of the ways that a partial condemnation can devalue farmland. You want to make sure that you receive the full amount of just compensation you deserve for your land, even for a partial taking. Any reduction in acreage can reduce your operations and the overall profitability of your farm. The government should compensate you fully for all of your losses.

Contact an Experienced Eminent Domain Attorney to Discuss Your Case Today

If you are a farmer or any other landowner facing total or partial condemnation, make your first call to the law office of Sever Storey, LLP. An eminent domain action for even part of your land could significantly decrease your profits, and the relocation of your farm may simply not prove feasible. We will stand up for your rights and protect your interests. Contact our experienced condemnation attorneys at (888) 318-3761 or online today to learn more about our condemnation services.


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