In mid-April, Governor Quinn presented Illinois’ six year construction plan for the improvement and creation of highways and streets. These plans run from Fiscal Year 2014-2019 and detail all the planned projects across the state (Note: Fiscal Year 2014 begins July 1, 2013). Below are the highlights for local projects in the southern Chicagoland area and the surrounding areas for Fiscal Year 2014:

· $500,000 toward removal and demolition of the abandoned 135th Bridge at 135th St. and Ashland Ave.

· $700,000 toward land acquisition and turn lanes at 143rd Street and Harlem Ave.

· $1,000,000 toward intersection reconstruction and land acquisition at 151st St. and Harlem Ave.

· $2,500,000 toward traffic signal updating and modernization, right turn lane construction and intersection improvement at the Midlothian turnpike at 135th St. and Cal-Sag Rd.

· $13,021, 000 toward land acquisition, bridge replacement and construction engineering efforts along the Cal-Sag Channel at Western Ave.

· $8,815,000 toward various road resurfacing projects along the Harlem Ave. to I-294 ramp to ILL 83, Cal-Sag Rd. to 143rd Pl., Vincennes Ave. to Racine Ave., Justamere Rd. to ILL 50, Lafayette Ave. to Hasted St. and US 45 (96th Ave.) to ILL 43 (Harlem Ave.).

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