In mid-April, Governor Quinn presented Illinois’ six year construction plan for the improvement and creation of highways and streets. These plans run from Fiscal Year 2014-2019 and detail all the planned projects across the state (Note: Fiscal Year 2014 begins July 1, 2013). Below are the highlights for local projects in the LaSalle, Bureau, and Putnam counties for Fiscal Year 2014:

LA SALLE COUNTY: Leonore blacktop resurfacing (3 miles), $1.4 million. … East 12th Road (County Highway 9) over Buck Creek south of U.S. 52 ($550,000). … East 22nd Road bridges over Covel Creek and Wolf Creek, $560,000 each. … Little Vermilion River bridge east of First Avenue in Mendota $360,000. .. Route 71 bridge replacement 1.4 miles southwest of U.S. 52.

BUREAU COUNTY: … County Highway 24 over Branch Pond Creek 2 miles south of Wyanet, engineering for replacement, $300,000. … 1950 North Road Smith Ditch four miles southwest of Manlius. … 2200 N. Road branch of West Bureau Creek six miles northwest of Princeton. … Bridge maintenance for $6.5 million for Interstate 80 near Route 40 over a drainage ditch and the Hennepin Canal. … Road maintenance work for $370,000 on Interstate 180 from two-tenths of a mile south of Interstate 80 to 2.2 miles east of Route 29 in Bureau and Putnam counties.

PUTNAM COUNTY — Route 71 bridges over ditches in Putnam County 0.1 mile west of County Highway 6 ($400,000) and 1.1 miles west of Route 89 at Granville ($1.1 million).

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