What has been a matter of mismatching priorities between two states, it would seem Illinois finally is holding up its end of the bargain for the planned I-74 Bridge Project.

The Illinois Department of Transportation released its 6 year transportation in mid-April and included in that plan was designated funding fora new I-74 bridge between Illinois and Iowa. Up until that point, Illinois had been dragging down the plan to the point that Iowa, which has had funding in place for the project for some time, began considering moving money away from the project.

Now that appears to be unnecessary.

“We knew that Governor Quinn had put those dollars in but now it’s physically in the plan, it’s a great deal of reassurance for all of us who have been watching this thing with baited breath,” says Bettendorf City Administrator Decker Ploehn.

Sever Storey intends on aggressively marketing to Illinois residents that may be affected by this project.

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