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Highlights of the IDOT Six Year Construction Plan for Bond and Madison Counties

In mid-April, Governor Quinn presented Illinois’ six year construction plan for the improvement and creation of highways and streets. These plans run from Fiscal Year 2014-2019 and detail all the planned projects across the state (Note: Fiscal Year 2014 begins July 1, 2013). Below are the highlights for local projects in the Bond and Madison County area for Fiscal Year 2014:

•$11.4 million for six miles of road resurfacing and bridge repair on Interstate 70 from the Burlington/Northern Railroad to the Fayette County line in Bond County.

•1.7 million for a bridge replacement on Illinois Route 143 over Sugar Creek one mile west of Pierron in Madison County.

•$1.4 million for preliminary engineering and location studies for bridge maintenance over Illinois Route 143 over Shoal Creek one mile east of Pierron in Bond County.

•$4.8 million for eight miles of road resurfacing and shoulder replacement on Illinois Route 157 from Illinois Route 140 in Hamel to Illinois Route 143 (Vandalia Street) in Edwardsville in Madison County.

•$1.7 million for five and a half miles of road resurfacing on Illinois route 159 from just north of Illinois Route 140 to Illinois Route 143 in Madison County.

•$50,000 for land acquisition associated with expansion of the Gateway Connector from Interstate 55/70 to Interstate 255 in Madison, St. Clair and Monroe counties.

Projects Scheduled for later on in the plan:

•Resurfacing 19.2 miles, crack and joint sealing and bridge repairs on Interstate 70/U.S. Highway 40, from 2.5 miles east of Interstate 55/270 Interchange to Bond County line in Madison County, are programmed during FY 2015-2019 at a cost of $45.7 million.

•Resurfacing 13.9 miles, bridge repair and ramp repair on Interstate 255, from 0.6 mile north of Horseshoe Lake Road to Interstate 270 in Madison County, are programmed during FY 2015-2019 at a cost of $26.1 million.

•A new bridge on Illinois 143 over Indian Creek, 0.3 mile east of Wanda Road in Madison County, is programmed during FY 2015-2019 at a cost of $4.7 million.

•Grading, paving, a new bridge, drainage, land acquisition, utility adjustments and construction engineering on the Alton-Godfrey Expressway, from U.S. Highway 67 south of the Alton Square to north of Illinois 255 in Madison County, are programmed during FY 2015-2019 at a cost of $110 million. Sever Storey will pay much heed to this particular project and have in depth involvement with landowners.

•Improvements to the Madison County Transit Facility, funded by $1.871 million from Illinois Jobs Now!, $311,000 in federal funding and $642,000 in local funding.

•Construct a new electrical vault at the Bethalto St. Louis Regional Airport, which will be able to better accommodate existing conditions as well as any future expansion. The project is estimated to cost $600,000.

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