Earlier this week, the Ohio Power Siting Board issued its Opinion, Order, and Certificate to American Transmission Systems, Inc. (ATSI) for the Hayes-West Freemont 138-kv Transmission Line. ATSI has no cleared what is essentially the last hurdle in the approval process for the line.

The Power Siting Board’s Opinion determined that the project complied with all environmental requirements, was for the public good, and ATSI should be granted a certificate for the construction, operation and maintenance of the line along the preferred route. The Power Siting Board’s Opinion will also give ATSI the power to obtain easements using eminent domain if they are unable to reach agreements with property owners along the line.

Landowners that will be affected by the project should expect to be hearing from ATSI more in the near future. Sever Storey will be hosting a seminar for affected landowners on September 9, 2014 at the Birchard Public Library, 423 Croghan St. Freemont, Ohio 43420, at 6:30pm. We will present information about the eminent domain process and what to expect as ATSI attempts to obtain easements. 

Sever Storey is a law firm that exclusively represents property owners affected by eminent domain. For more information about the eminent domain process or our upcoming seminar, please feel free to give us a call at 614-360-2818. Ask for George Padgitt. Or you can email George at george@landownerattorneys.com.

To view the Power Siting Board’s Opinion, click here.