One part of the North Vernon Bypass is underway and another part is in its inception. The 31 bypass around Kokomo is complete as well. So where is the bypass for Greencastle?

From the story:

The city has heard about a possible US 231 bypass since the 1980s and even showcased proposed maps just after the turn of the century. But traffic on the courthouse square remains unchanged.

It’s 9 a.m. on a Friday morning on Greencastle’s courthouse square and trucks struggle to navigate a 90-degree turn on US 231. It’s one of two difficult turns less than a mile from one another on the highway – and one Greencastle Mayor Sue Murray says frightens her as a driver.

“I avoid this corner now,” Murray says. “I was sitting up here and I wasn’t at the stop bar and these over extended…it was wide load and it was a longer load than normal and he couldn’t…I had to back up to that crosswalk for him to get around the corner.”

About 100 miles to the southeast, North Vernon Mayor Harold “Soup” Campbell got to the next stage – but not until he heard complaints from his urban constituents.

“A big part of my opposition was ‘We’re gonna kill North Vernon’. Sometimes it’s hard to kill something that almost resembles death anyway,” he says.

Campbell’s constituents were worried that bypasses cut through farmland and cut downtown business off from traffic. Still other business owners think the trucks drive away customers.

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