Although construction is more than a year away, Westerville planners already are looking ahead to a $13 million renovation of Cleveland Avenue, one of the city’s most traveled roads.

The renovations will be centered around the intersection of Cleveland and Schrock Road at the city’s southwest corner, and will reach north toward Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital.

Currently in the planning stages, the project would add an additional northbound lane and a southbound right-turn lane at Schrock Road. An additional left-turn lane would also be added on Schrock heading east to facilitate turns onto northbound Cleveland.

The project will come on the heels of the city of Columbus’ reconfiguring of the Cleveland Avenue interchange with Interstate 270, where construction remains underway.

Westerville Planning and Development Director Karl Craven said the Cleveland-Schrock changes are a massive undertaking, but he expects traffic through the area to flow much better after improvements.

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