A transmission line, one of two anticipated to cross the central Illinois landscape in the coming years, has many landowners worried about its effect on the area. 

Dubbed the “Grain Belt Express Clean Line,” the proposed powerline would start near Clark County and cut up the central Illinois landscape to the Missouri state line and further. This has several local property owners upset.

“The shock of seeing the black line on the map crossing through the very middle of my farm was like a dagger going through my heart,” local farmer Nancy Vogelsberg-Busch told the Marysville Advocate. “I wanted to throw up. I do not want it near my farm. I think of my friends and family who own land along the other proposed routes and I do not want this ugly utility line on anyone’s land.”

Before the Clean Line can exercise eminent domain to acquire land for the project in Illinois, it must get authority from the Illinois Commerce Commission and it has yet to petition the Commission for this authority. Up until that point, any attempts to acquire land by the Clean Line are strictly at the voluntary will of landowners. This means if the Clean Line confronts an Illinois landowner for their property and threatens eminent domain, this threat is empty–at least until Clean Line gets authority. In summary, landowners CAN SAY NO to the Clean Line if it comes calling.

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