This spring, Enbridge hopes to start construction on the proposed 165-mile oil pipeline. However, some landowners are still attempting to derail the project.

The Canadian-based company is currently building a pump station at its Flanagan Terminal in rural Pontiac. The pipeline will start at the Flanagan Terminal and go through several counties including McLean, DeWitt and Macon. The ending hub will be in Patoka in southern Marion counting.

The Southern Access Extension still needs 68 parcels of land to complete the project. Originally there were 80 parcels, but the company has reached agreements with landowners. The project is subject to eminent domain cases of circuit courts. No trials have started.

Ellsworth attorney Tom Pliura represents about 100 clients who are fighting the impending domain process. Pliura has an appeal pending in the Fourth District Appellate Court. The appeal is contesting the Illinois Commerce Commission’s decision to allow Enbridge to pursue eminent domain for the property it needs.

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