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Eminent Domain is More than Roads


Many visitors to this site will notice that the majority of our discussion on eminent domain and acquisition law relates to road projects. Indeed, it is accurate that a very high percentage of entities that exercise their eminent domain authority do it for the purpose of a roadway.

The reality, though, is that there is a veritable endless purpose by which a government or government-like organization may exercise eminent domain to acquire property. The most common non-roadway condemnations include: pipelines, flood plain easements, transmission lines, airports, and railroads.

With that being said, there are many, apparently less sinister projects that require eminent domain. These include: parks, sports complexes, trails, nature preserves, libraries, and school expansions or creation. These lesser known projects generally don’t get the attention that a “Illiana” or “Three Rivers Transmission Line” project gets, but the legal procedures, rights and guarantees are in most cases identical.

It is imperative to remember that as a landowner, you are entitled to just compensation for the acquisition of your property regardless of what the acquisition is for–be it an unpopular airport or a “harmless” bike trail.

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