Greensboro residents near the widening project planned for Horse Pen Creek Road may be concerned about the City of Greensboro taking their land through eminent domain and condemnation. These landowners from the community will be able to learn more about the legal process at an upcoming informational seminar sponsored by Sever Storey. Shiloh Daum, a North Carolina eminent domain attorney, will present the seminar at the Benjamin Library on Benjamin Parkway in Greensboro on Wednesday, August 21 at 6:30 pm.  You can get the location and directions to the library here: Benjamin Library – Eminent Domain Seminar.

The eminent domain and condemnation seminar for landowners will provide the latest information about the project and what property owners can expect as the process unfolds. New designs and maps that were recently unveiled by the Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT) at the an informal “drop-in” session it conducted on August 14th. The Sever Storey informational seminar will provide additional information about the project scope, these updated maps, and expected schedules for the right of way acquisition.

Horse Pen Creek Road Project Map

In addition to the upcoming seminar, landowners also had a chance to review new details of the project on Wednesday. The Greensboro Department of Transportation (GDOT) meeting allowed property owners to review maps and planning documents. Shiloh Daum from Sever Storey attended the event to discuss the project with property owners and GDOT staff. Sever Storey eminent domain attorneys will be available to consult with and represent landowners in North Carolina who will be losing some or all of their property due to the Greensboro Horse Pen Creek Road project.

The plans that GDOT unveiled to the public this week reflect recent changes to the project design and scope. In particular, the project has been reduced in its width, mainly by narrowing the median and other features.  The newly widened Horse Pen Creek Road will still have 4 lanes of travel and two sidewalks for foot traffic.  There will also be dedicated bike lanes on each side of the road way. This revised design will lessen the impact to some property owners on Horse Pen Creek Road, but many will still lose their property through eminent domain and condemnation.

Typical Section - Horse Pen Creek Road Widening Project

GDOT originally expected to begin aquiring property in the spring of 2013, but the design changes and other projects like the Greensboro Urban Loop meant several months of delays.  The Greesnboro Urban Loop project is being managed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT), while the Horse Pen Creek Road widening project will be handled by the local Greensboro DOT the actual condemning authority (aka: “condemnor”). City designers have stated that they approximately 75% toward completing the final designs, but they have not yet compiled a comprehensive list of all property owners affected by the widening of Horse Pen Creek Road. Landowners should attend the eminent domain seminar to learn critical ways to protect themselves and assure that they receive full and just compensation for their property. Shiloh Daum, North Carolina Eminent Domain Attorney Sever Storey For more on the recent public meeting, see the Greensboro News & Record article.