Thanks again to Martyn Daniel eminent domain relocation specialist for the following.  Martyn can be reached at or 425-398-5708.


Fixed Payments: Maximum $20,000

OR (you can itemize)

Moving (no maximum amount with one exception):
1. Transportation of personal property
2. Packing, crating, unpacking, uncrating of personal property
3. Disconnecting, dismantling, removing, reassembling, and reinstalling equipment, machinery, and other personal property
4. Storage of personal property up to 12 months
5. Insurance for the replacement value of personal property during the move and necessary storage
6. Any license, permit, or certification required at the replacement site, which the business had at the displacement location
7. Replacement value of property lost, stolen, or damaged during the move
8. Professional services for planning, moving, and reinstalling the personal property
9. Re-lettering signs and replacing printed materials made obsolete by the move: Stationery; notification of the move
10. Actual direct loss of tangible personal property
11. Reasonable cost incurred trying to sell and item that is not to be relocated
12. Purchase of substitute personal property
13. Searching for a replacement location (Maximum $2,500)
14. Costs to secure professional move bids
15. Low/high bulk
16. Disposal of personal property and hazardous materials


Reestablishment (Maximum $10,000):
1. Repairs or improvement to the replacement property as required by law or code
2. Modification to the replacement property to enable the business to operate
3. Construction and installation of new signage to advertise the business
4. Redecoration or replacement of soiled or worn surfaces such as carpeting, paint, paneling
5. Advertisement of the replacement location
6. Other items considered essential to the reestablishment of the business


Related Eligible Expenses (no maximum amount):
1. Connection to available utilities from the right-of-way to the improvements at the replacement site
2. Professional services performed to determine the suitability of a replacement site for the business
3. Impact fees or one time assessments for anticipated heavy utility usage