The new Chicago airport?

I thought the third airport for Chicago was the Chicago/Gary International Airport? Now there are plans to build an Illiana Expressway to connect the new Chicago airport in Peotone to Indiana and Interstate 65.

A few questions: Why build a new airport in Peotone when one already exits in Gary? Secondly, Indiana is getting a bad deal with putting up a new highway to link Illinois 55 to I-65. That will be a direct link to Chicago no matter how you look at it. Gary is sure a lot closer to Chicago than Peotone.

Why spend all the tax money for something that is not needed? Another question to be addressed is who are the people that are buying up the properties along the proposed highway and the land in Peotone? I really think might end up being a big political situation, and the people of Indiana will get the short end of stick.

— Joseph E. Vamos, Winfield

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