On Wednesday, Dan Schmidt, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s policy director for environment and transportation, discussed the Illiana Expressway project with state Rep. Rick Niemeyer; Lake County Councilman Eldon Strong; Lake County Commissioner Gerry Scheub; Lowell Councilmen Craig Earley, Edgar Corns and Ralph Miller; West Creek Township Trustee Harold Mussman; Bill Moran, NRCS conservationist; two representatives from the Lake County Plan Commission and Pat Mussman.

All agreed resources available to Indiana should be spent revitalizing Gary and northern Lake County, do major improvements to Cline Avenue and promote Gary/Chicago International Airport.

The group emphasized the Illiana would only benefit Illinois and its proposed airport, which runs contrary to Indiana’s needs. Schmidt was receptive to our proposals and comments. He took notes and asked questions. He will present them to Pence before Monday’s conference in Rosemont.

– West Creek Township Trustee Harold Mussman, Lowell

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