Did the agenda-pushers make you feel included when they called you in to discuss the proposed (but in the works whether you like it or not) south county expressway?

Did you feel included when they seem to have given you a choice between three locations? Did they promise jobs and a new look?

I recall a spot on Lakeshore News that featured a young representative of the investors, standing before a visual and beaming and smiling gratuitously, talking about the expressway as though it were a done deal.

“We don’t want it,” said marginalized members of the audience. The smile faded; the young agenda-pusher’s act fell apart.

It seems the only ones who want a noisy, inconvenient expressway are a few vociferous and organized groups. Let’s see what the people really want. Let’s put it to the plebiscite and decide it once and for all.

– Gregory R. Susoreny, Munster

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