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Local voices need to be heard when it comes to the impact vs. benefits of the proposed Illiana toll road, not just the voices of the elected officials, IDOT, INDOT and the consultants from Parsons Brinkerhoff.

Those voices all cry out in unison that the Illiana is right up there with the second coming, when in reality that just isn’t true.

New development and new jobs will not come to the communities impacted by this road, interchanges are very limited.

Other downsides are removing the road from the tax rolls, reducing revenue that will have to be made up by increasing taxes on existing residents and businesses, increased need for emergency services on the road and response time for local residents because of road closures, rerouting of school buses for the same reason, all of which will add costs to local residents and businesses.

– Harold Mussman, West Creek Township Trustee

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