This long-term project is still in the early planning stages, but will eventually involve a complete overhaul of the East Franklinton area near Columbus, Ohio. A draft of the plan for the project, which includes rezoning and redeveloping existing establishments, giving facelifts to existing buildings and open areas, and construction of new residential and commercial structures, was released in July of 2012. While some phases of the project will ideally be completed in the next three years, other phases won’t be addressed until 2030 or later. Recent developments include the Columbus City Council approving ordinances 1508-2013 and 1569-2013 creating the East Franklinton District and rezoning all the properties within the boundary on July 22, 2013. Council also appointed the members of the East Franklinton Review Board. The East Franklinton legislation was previously approved by the Downtown Commission on June 13, 2013 and the Franklinton Area Commission on June 11, 2013. The first meeting of the Review Board will occur in September 2013.