When you think of an eminent domain case, you may think of the government suddenly marching in and demanding your land against your will. However, many eminent domain cases evolve in a much less dramatic fashion. One situation out of Champaign, Illinois illustrates this point.

Willing to Sell – For a Higher Price

The city of Champaign is seeking to redevelop housing in the Bristol Place neighborhood and discussed the plans with 92 existing property owners. The city reportedly offered the owners between $30,000 and $60,000 to vacate and hand over ownership of their properties and most of the owners agreed to their offers.

A few landowners agreed to sell their property, however, they did not accept the price offered for their land. Because the city and property owners could not reach an agreement on a sale price, the city is seeking to use quick-take eminent domain powers to take the land and begin on the redevelopment project as soon as possible.

It is important to realize that the eminent domain actions did not arise because people refused to give up their homes. Instead, the price was the point of contention that led the city to take legal action. This is a common scenario and one in which landowners can commonly benefit from qualified legal representation.

You should always know that you never have to accept an unfair price for your land, as the law requires that you receive just compensation. Our attorneys will review any offers and advise you of their adequacy. We can then use strategies and tactics to negotiate for the price you deserve whenever possible. If the government still refuses to cooperate, we will then defend you right to just compensation if your case goes to court.

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