AVON LAKE, Ohio – A decision is expected by or before June 8 on whether a natural gas pipeline can be constructed from the NRG plant in Avon Lake through 20 miles of Lorain County.

The gas would allow the coal-burning plant to be converted to use cleaner-burning natural gas.

The Ohio Power Siting Board will hold a final hearing April 23 in Columbus. Even so, a spokesman for NRG said the window to begin work this month is already closed.download

“We only had until April 1 to cut down the trees because they are the nesting place for bats,” said NRG spokesman David Gaier, spokesman for NRG’s eastern division. “We missed that deadline and can’t begin until October.”

The endangered Indiana bats have become a force that builders must reckon with in Northern Ohio where the bats typically nest. The new middle school proposed for North Ridgeville faced similar restrictions.

Full story here.But the delay means that the $40 million pipeline project has been set back about seven or eight months.

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