The Indiana chapter of the Izaak Walton League, a national conservation group, announced in late June that it opposed the proposed Illiana Expressway, stating its concerns for effect the roadway would have on the Kankakee River watershed.

“We want to be sure everyone is aware of this issue,” said Izaak Walton League Porter County Chapter President Jim Sweeney. “And if you weigh all the positives against the negatives, we think that all this money should be used to rebuild existing infrastructure instead of sprawling all over the countryside.”

Sweeney said the Kankakee River watershed in particular would suffer harm from the expressway, including the direct destruction of wetlands and the danger of invasive species spreading through new drainage work.

As of now, the roadway is still in the planning stages, but if completed the billion dollar highway would stretch from Wilmington, IL to Lowell, IN.

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