SIOUX FALLS, SD – The Sioux Falls city council will hold a joint meeting with Minnehaha and Lincoln county commissioners on Tuesday afternoon as they hear from Dakota Access LLC, which plans to build a pipeline that will travel diagonally across South Dakota.

Sioux Falls city council member Kermit Staggers talked about his reservations.

“The main concern I would have about the pipeline though is, going through private property,” Staggers said. “That private property owners would willingly allow the pipeline to go through. If they don’t, then eminent domain comes into play, and that’s something we should not have, is eminent domain to build this pipeline.”

The pipeline will take North Dakota oil through South Dakota to Illinois, entering north central South Dakota and crossing the state diagonally until it reaches the Iowa border just southeast of Sioux Falls.

Staggers predicts that the pipeline will be built.

“From what I understand, the [Public Utilities Commission] here in South Dakota has indicated that they would accept their application for building the pipeline, and South Dakota, well, we tend to be somewhat favorable to these kind of projects,” Staggers said. “So I would suspect that it will probably go through.”

Staggers added that he believes it’s important that property owners support the pipeline going through their land.

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