The eminent domain attorneys at Sever Storey, LLP have recently been in contact with landowners affected by the West MLK Drive Improvements project in Cincinnati, Ohio.  These landowners have offers in hand from the City.  Right-of-way acquisition has been ongoing for this project and is not complete.  The West MLK project will widen and straighten a portion of the road between McMicken Avenue and approximately Dixmyth Avenue.  The majority of the properties affected are either homes or apartment buildings.

Sever Storey will have attorneys in the area on Thursday February 7 to meet with a few affected landowners.  For more information about the eminent domain attorneys at Sever Storey, or if you are involved in your own eminent domain dispute, please contact our office at any time at 1-888-318-3761 or visit us on the web at

George Padgitt

Sever Storey

Eminent Domain and Condemnation Attorneys for Landowners