The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will apply for $65 million, the funding necessary to complete the Chesapeake Bypass.  The Chesapeake Bypass has been on the radar of development leaders for the past 25 years.   

ODOT has already acquired 14 parcels, 11 of which had homes on them, and has spent approximately $1,578,805.  With roughly $777,360 left in funding, ODOT, has said they will use these funds to purchase several parcels that are potentially total takes from interested property owners.

Pending state and federal approval on the remainder of the funding, ODOT hopes to acquire more property to conclude the construction of the bypass. If approved and construction continues, some 105 property owners will be affected, 57 of which possess structures on their parcels, while another 40 owners will have property becoming total takes.

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