attorney-feesWhen the government informs you that it wants to take your valuable land from you due to a construction project, you may likely feel helpless. After all, the government can understandably seem like a formidable adversary in a legal conflict. Experienced eminent domain attorneys have negotiated with and faced off against the government many times and do not shy away from fully protecting the rights of landowners. Unfortunately, too many property owners never seek legal assistance because they believe they will not be able to pay for a lawyer’s services.

Contingency fee arrangements

At Sever Storey, LLP, we want to make it possible for anyone facing an eminent domain taking1 to have the legal representation they deserve. Therefore, when negotiating just compensation for you, we will handle your case on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that you do not pay us any fees unless we are able to add value to your case. If we do add value to your compensation, we will only take a predetermined percentage—33 percent—of the value added, not of your entire settlement. For example:

  • The government offers you $150,000 for your property.
  • We negotiate and you are able to obtain $300,000 for your property.
  • Our work and negotiations added $150,000 to your case.
  • We receive 33 percent of the added value.
  • You take home $250,000.

Under this arrangement, you would pay nothing up front and still gain an extra $100,000 on top of the government’s original offer. If we do not increase the government’s offer, we do not get paid anything.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our eminent domain lawyers today

Too many property owners do not seek out the legal assistance they may need in an eminent domain action because they assume they will not be able to afford an attorney. Paying an attorney and almost simultaneously losing your property may seem overwhelming, however, at the law firm of Sever Storey, LLP, we strive to make it possible for you to have your legal rights protected throughout your condemnation case. We always work for the best possible results for you, so please call us today at 888-318-3761 for a free, no-obligation consultation.