Eminent domain landowner attorneys at Sever Storey were recently treated to an exclusive presentation by eminent domain business relocation specialist Martyn Daniel from MartynDaniel, LLC.  Here is some Q and A from our meeting:

Q:  Do business fail a lot in relocation?

A:  Absolutely.  A national study indicated that failure rates of business who are forced into relocation will run between 25% to 85% depending on the project.

Q:  Wow!  That seems like a lot.  What is the cause of these failures?

A:  A lot of time the government relocation advisors in an eminent domain setting don’t have the time and expertise to look at all of the impacts from moving the business.  As an expert advisor with years of experience it is my job to carefully plan the relocation to take full advantage of all resources available under the law for the business.  That is to say using all of the rights the business has under emienent domain and condemantion laws to make sure that the business relocation and restablishment is a success.  Most businesses, and their attorneys, are unaware of the additional impact that a qualified relocation specialist can have on the emient domain case.

Q:  Give me an example?

A:  Well in a recent case we had a company with a large piece of machinery that had to be moved or abandoned.  The government came back and offered a package of about $122,000.00 for relocation.  We examined the needs, goals, layout and costs of the business.  We made an additional 57 cost claims that netted the landowner approximately $260,000.00 in relocation assistance.

Q:  Is that typical?

A:  Yes, in terms of a percentage increase over the State’s offer.  I see it again and again.  A lot of relocation money is left on the table.

Q.  What did this cost the landowenr.

A.  About $9,000.00 but ALL BUT $450 was reimbursed directly to me from the State.

Q.  So they got an addtional $125,000.00 and only paid you $450?

A.  Yes, most of my fees are reimbursed by the State or taking authority.

Q. You mentioned that a lot of businesses fail that get relocated.  What is your success rate?

A.  I have a very high success rate.  99% of the business that I help with relocation continue to thrive after their displacement.

Q. That’s impressive.  I am going to pass along this Q & A over our blog. Thanks Martin!

A.  No problem Phil.  If you or any of your clients need my assistance they can reach me at (425) 398-5708 or at www.martyndanielllc.com.  Thanks for letting me say a few words.