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Medina County landowners rallying against proposed NEXUS gas pipeline


Elizabeth Gierosky was gardening when a car pulled into her driveway on Spieth Road in Litchfield Township at about 5 p.m. Aug. 28.

A man got out of the vehicle and walked around the back and side of the property.

She assumed he was a contractor or inspector, because she and her husband, Paul, were in the middle of remodeling their home.

He wasn’t. He was a senior right-of-way agent for NEXUS Gas Transmission, a 36-inch natural gas pipeline project across Ohio being led by the Texas-based Spectra Energy Corp.

After walking around her yard for about 10 minutes, he asked her to sign off on a request allowing the property to be surveyed for the pipeline.

“I don’t know what he was doing back there,” she said.

“I refused to sign for the survey, though, and I knew that’s what my husband would have done, too.”

Gierosky isn’t alone. She’s a member of a growing group of residents with safety and property-value concerns regarding the pipeline. About a half-dozen of them showed up at Tuesday’s Medina County commissioners meeting to ask them once more to back residents up in their resistance to the pipeline.

At several earlier meetings, commissioners turned down residents’ requests for a public hearing on the pipeline project.

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