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EDITORIAL: Illiana Will Disrupt Lives, Houses

Illiana wants to uproot 48 miles of homes and adversely affect the lives of nearly a thousand people who live in or near the proposed route.

The Times and Rich James in particular continue to shout “we need it, we need it,” and in support thereof, they refer to Daniel Burnham’s plan. Did Mr. Burnham envision 48 miles of homes prior to construction?

The Times and Rich James in particular ridicule us NIMBYs without ever expressing a word of consideration for us. Will we become wealthy enough to relocate? Will we be furnished free legal representation? What amount would be fair compensation? Why not discuss these issues.

Finally, editors of The Times and Rich James in particular, how will the Illiana benefit residents of Lake County? The vast majority of these residents live north of U.S. 30 — some 20-plus miles north of the proposed Illiana route. Then there will be the toll, the rate of which will be set by private investors. And what about the amount of property that will be removed from the tax rolls?

Tell us the benefit.

– Bill Kowalski, Lowell

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